Back to Work

date_range  10 June 2014


I’ve just had my second day back at work and it’s so good to be back doing something real after 8 months of university. My final year really did fly by so much so that after just two days I feel like I never left.

I’ve got some fun projects to play with too; I’m using Microsoft Fakes to replace Typemock to reduce our build dependencies and speed it up, then I’ll be slicing up our platform into NuGet packages to start versioning and create looser coupling between the building of our new and legacy frameworks. It’s great to see so many improvements on the table ready to be exploited that can open the door for so many more.

In other news, I’ve joined a gym… Yes a gym; it’s time I started getting a bit more active, so I’m doing some running and rowing to get my heart rate up and burn off a few of the cookies I’ve been making.

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