date_range  13 December 2013


Whilst redesigning the site again (I’ll come back to that) I had to move all the old posts across. What made me sad during this process, was that it didn’t take very long.

I am terrible at blogging.

Maybe it’s not a big issue; do people read blogs anymore? I certainly don’t go out of my way to find people’s ramblings like I used too. I generally only go looking for them when I have a problem to solve. More commanly do I find answers, or at least a good explanation on a blog rather than on somewhere like Stack Overflow. My analytics certainly show that my posts on MVC and Fakes get the most traffic over my little tit-bits.

I hope I am wrong and people do still read blogs, or why am I bothering to write this at 20 to 1 on a Sunday night when I have to be up in the morning by 9am…

By refactoring my CMS (a laughable name for it), I have at least made it easier to write these things. Hell, I’m writing this one on my phone in bed. I keep meaning to put my thoughts down somewhere and maybe this is the right place eh?

I hope everyone likes the new skin to the site; I spent a lot more time on this one which I hope is evident. I threw the last one together the night before I started uni again when I was bored. In hindsight, white on light blue… Not a good mix. But I am colour blind so I have an excuse!

Here’s to a more promising blogging career!

Happy Holidays!

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