Happy Star Wars Day

date_range  04 May 2014


Well it’s May Day Bank Holiday weekend and what a coincidence that it falls on Star Wars Day this year! As I write this, I’m part way through Phantom Menace; so only another 7 hours of awesomeness left!

Me and Gem have been out and about this morning exploring Bristol’s Make Sunday Special festival. The council allowed a massive water slide to be put down Park Street, although as my sister pointed out, it was no match for the ones we made when we were little, and probably no where near as cheap! Silage sheets will always be the original and best way of creating water slides!

The BBC also had a massive food court set up in Millennium Square where we saw how to make ice cream with just ice cubes, salt and milk. We will have to have a go at some point, and you can be sure I’ll put the results up on here! We then bought some strawberries and walked along the water front. Living so close to the old harbour I get to wander around there quite often, but it was only today seeing a steam train going up and down that I got to thinking how different the landscape of that area has changed over the last 100 years. The old cranes sat there doing nothing would have been in constant use not 70 years ago, pulling cargo on and off the ships. How times change…

Nostalgia over, now back to Star Wars, oh and some Components and Services revision… I’m totally doing that too…

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