January Cooking

date_range  08 January 2015

Happy New Year!

It’s been a long year, and it’s not even February yet. As usual, the Christmas holidays came and went far too quickly and here I am seemingly even more tired than before Christmas. Ah well; only 50 more days till another holiday comes around.

So I thought had been a bit too long since I shared some of my home cooking, so while my dinner was cooking I got my camera out to show you these beauties!

img 0277-min

No they aren’t pancakes, they’re considerably higher in potassium. Any idea’s? Did anyone guess Banana Fritters? They’re even reasonably healthy if you put less syrup on them than I did. I got the idea from here where they have a couple other great recipes I’m going to try soon.

I also “made” my own sausage rolls. I say; by that I mean Gemma really, and by made, I meant wrapped a sausage in some Justrol. Nevertheless, delicious, easy to make and with a side salad, a whole meal, although I would have preffered mash and pea’s, but then I didn’t make dinner that night and so help me if I complain about that too often!

img 0270-min

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