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date_range  17 April 2014

.Net Development

UPDATE 2: Although my private feed is still up, I’d recommend using the official package.

UPDATE: I’ve now created a little Nuget package that should get you that little bit closer to implementing something like this for yourself Or you can add my personal Nuget feed and find it there at

I’ve been looking for a better way of writing blog posts for a while. I’ve been using the same little blog “engine” for a while now and I’ve essentially just had various jQuery WYSISYG editors. I’ve known about Windows Live Writer for a little while now but Scott Hanselman recently added a blog entry about MiniBlog that peeked my interest in it again somewhat. More importantly, however, was the use of MetaWeblog.

MetaWeblog is a decade old now I think, and runs on top of XML-RPC, so since it came out we’ve had SOAP come and die and be replaced with REST as the web communication defacto standard, but it is still a very widely supported way of getting blog content onto the web.

The most annoying problem stems from XML-RPC; the classes and interfaces cannot be namespaced. This might have been documented somewhere but I didn’t spend a long time looking for it. I spent a good half an hour visually diffing some example code and my own before the light bulb came on.

Then I needed to deal with good olde ASP.Net MVC eating every dynamic request. I had already added my web.config entry like so: but that wasn’t enough when it was delpoyed up to the old web server. I needed a manual one in code too:

If everything goes to plan, this blog post will have been written and published using WLW and MetaWeblog and I’ll keep up my little ramblings.

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