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date_range  22 December 2014


Happy holidays everyone!

I’d been investigating moving to a CMS for a little while now, but hadn’t really found the time to learn how to set in up properly and because my site was so simple it wasn’t really necessary. Now that my blog and portfolio are getting a little bit bigger it seemed like a good time to move it across during my biannual redesign.

On that note I’ve used the fantastic Link theme from for the new version of the site which I think has come out fantastically. They have several great Bootstrap based themes so check them out!

So I looked around for ASP.Net CMS systems and tried out 3 including Orchard, Kenetico and Umbraco. I found that Umbraco was the best document and by far the easiest to create templates from. I was impressed with the fact that I can install it using Nuget and how easy it is to add extra bits of functionality such as a contact page.

All in all, because I cheated with the CSS and HTML, this whole site took me roughly 8 hours to get up and running. I had a few problems when web-deploying Umbraco with regard to IIS HTTP Compression. For reasons I haven’t looked into yet it doesn’t play nicely with Umbraco, at least on my Smarter ASP hosting. Other than that it was just a little time consuming to move all my content over, but realised I probably could have automated that process by using the RSS feed I had on the old site. I may bring that back at some point if there was anyone out there using it!

Enjoy the new site everyone, powered by Umbraco!

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