The Carrot Diary

date_range  20 April 2014


I’ve been meaning to at least put something about my carrots on the interweb for a while, mainly because I’m so gosh darn proud of the things! I created life! And then I shall eat it…

I planted my baby carrots right at the end of February in some plastic tubs. I’ve tried two different methods. In the smaller tub, I made a trench about half an inch deep the length of the tub and put sprinkled seeds all along it. In the longer tub I put a smattering of seeds in little holes, again about an inch deep, and spread the holes about 3 inches apart.

As you can see from the pictures, both have yielded similar results, although the smaller tub is hung off the side of my balcony so it gets a little bit more sun so the ones in there have grown that little bit taller. A few of the holes in the larger tub haven’t grown at all but I think the pigeons had them.

I’m keeping the soil nice and moist without drowning the plants. I’ll have to move some of the more bunched up plants soon just as the actual carrot has started to flourish. Just have to wait and see how they turn out now!

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