Uni Memoirs and Revision

date_range  16 April 2014


In less than 30 days from now, I will have finished all my finals and I will have finished my educational career for the foreseeable future…

I have take a quick step back when I read that. I can still remember moving into Waverley House; my first student accommodation. Man, was that place mental. And or grim. For a start it was a block of flats, precariously perched on the side of a multi-story car-park which meant the 8th floor that I lived on, was actually the 14th, which equals lift. The stories I could tell you about that lift… I think the cleanest story I could tell was one morning getting into the lift and sharing the ride down with what I’m pretty sure was a car windscreen in pieces. How or why it was there I could never fathom, but safe to say it wasn’t the only… thing… I found in the lift of Waverley House.

Second year accommodation was just as amusing for very different reasons. 822 was the first home I shared with the future Mrs Dibble (along with 5 other wonderful people) which came with its own… challenges? But the most pertinent memory was definitely of home made red wine. Memory might be the wrong word because I remember very little of the nights we sat around with a few of those bottles, more the headache they gifted the next morning. Strange how we never learn isn’t it…

And now here I am, in my own flat right in the centre of Bristol, right in the middle of the night life, pretending to be revising. I can’t say I ever really did revision up until this year. I guess the threat of no-second chances with these exams takes its toll on my conscience. Even still, I sit down with the book, the lecture slides and notes and I can get distracted by just about anything. I can’t really understand it because when I’m working on something, even uni stuff, I can’t be torn away from it. My personality doesn’t let me leave something half finished very often but somehow I can be revising and suddenly without me even noticing I’m doing some washing or I just have to find that thing I was looking for the other day.

I would usually say, “One day, I will get better at this revising malarkey”, but I don’t have any more days! I have less than 30 and I’ll never have to do any again! Can’t say I’m upset about that but still. The time for buckling down is now! I shall see you all on the other side of 11 hours of exams…

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